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Dubai, the desert city has now been so heavily developed in only a decade’s time that it has now become one of the top most tourist’s location. It is completely unimaginable that this wonderful city of today was nothing but only stretches of white sandy beaches. Now Dubai is the Hub of tourism offering lively bars, great restaurants, sky scrapers as well as night clubs etc which just captures the tourist’s mind and now has become the best vacation place for people living round the globe.

Whenever you plan for any type of vacation, be it a family outing or an adventure with friends the first thing comes into mind is accommodation and related costs. True, one has to be worried about the cost but now it is not at all a big problem, the moment you land in Dubai, you can find a lot of short term rental apartments and villas to settle down in for a week or two or a month, provided with all the luxuries and the best of the facilities.
Internet is the best tool to purchase the best deal. You can find everything ranging from small comfortable apartments to huge private villas as well as shared accommodation if you have a tight budget online at discounted prices!

Short term rentals in Dubai will offer you the best way to make your vacation to Dubai an unforgettable experience of which you will think fondly for the rest of your life. You can find many rental villas and rental apartments in striking locations of Dubai such as the Dubai beach and Dubai Marina regions.

Dubai Furnished Apartments is one such site which offers you such an opportunity. It is the number one short term rental portal in Dubai offering you furnished apartments, Self Catering Apartments, Hotel Apartments and Villas. They cater to tourists and tenants from US, UK, UAE & around the world and offer a wide verity of apartments at great locations for very cheap prices.

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