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Dubai apartments for rent on Self-Catering basis

Dubai apartments for rent on Self-Catering basis.

In the previous article, we provided you with Tips for tenants. This article describes tips for landlords who are planning to start Short-Term Rental business in Dubai.

Historical background of short-term rental business:

Renting out personal properties as a holiday-homes to tourists and visitors is an old practice. If we look at to the ancient history of Italian, Spanish or French Riviera, we would find that people have been renting out their properties for centuries, in one way or the other to earn profits. Hence, it wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that short-term rental business is no way a new concept; indeed, it has a long historic background.

Hottest places for short-term rental business:

Although short term rental accommodation is offered by different businesses in almost every part of the world, but the countries with more attracting tourists’ sites are hottest places for short-term rental apartments. Being one of the hottest tourist’s destinations in the world, Dubai is an ideal city for short-term rental apartments business. Therefore, every investor desires to invest his or her money into the short-term rental business of Dubai.

By investing into Dubai self-catering apartments, businessmen not only earn heavy profits but also the value of the building appreciates consistently. In case you buy a building to run self-catering apartment on rent in Dubai, the value of the building increase with every passing day. Hence, we can say that the short-term rental apartments make you profit in two ways.

How to be successful in the business of self-catering apartment on rent in Dubai?

To start a self-catering apartment on rent in Dubai, you would need not only money but also expertise and skills to be successful in this type of business. According to experts, there are two main aspects to be successful in the short-term rental business in Dubai; the property or building and promotion and marketing of the business. It is believed that the property contributes 10% to the success of the rental accommodation business and the remaining 90% is contributed by the entrepreneur’s expertise and skill to provide comfortable living by offering necessary services and amenities along with effective promotion of self-catering apartment on rent in Dubai to attract guests.

A large number of guests would prefer to live in your self-catering apartment if it offers the necessary standard services and facilities such as bedrooms with eye-catching interiors, highly-trained staff to make guests feel comfortable, Internet access, telephone and fax facilities, Jacuzzi, steam bath and sauna etc to make a comfortable living.

Some important details for Dubai self-catering rental apartment business:

As mentioned above, the building of the apartments, comfortable bedrooms and effective marketing play vital role in making your short-term rental apartment business successful


is the most important part of your self-catering apartment because the ultimate goal is to provide guests with a beautifully decorated and fully furnished bedroom so that guests can enjoy the comfortable living during their trip to Dubai. You must select the appropriate furniture, window curtains and color of the walls.

House-keeping service:

This is yet another essential element to make your short-term renal apartment business successful. For a neat and clean living, you need to provide the guests with top-quality towels, bed sheets, quilt covers, pillow cases and sofa covers. Make sure, the rooms are cleaned regularly and bed sheets, towels and pillow cases are replaced before that start smelling unpleasant.

Hire marketing and management professionals:

In case you have more than one self-catering apartments, it would be a wise decision to hire the services of companies or agents that offer marketing and management services. These agents not only manage your rental apartments professionally but also market and promote them efficiently to increase the number of customers. Usually, the agents charge 20% of rental revenues. Hence, hiring marketing and management professionals is an effective way to run the business successfully and take some weight off your shoulders.

How much you can expect to earn

You can offer the guests with fully furnished as well as unfurnished rooms. An unfurnished 5-star one bedroom with Dubai Marina-facing can be rented on approximately AED 95.000/- per year. If the same bedroom is fully furnished, it will charge approx. AED 235.000/- a year. Supposing the occupancy rate is 79%, the same room would get you AED 142.000/- per year after deducting 20% agency commission, AED 40.000/- for the 5-stars bedroom furnishing and utility bills. Although the occupancy rate is not guaranteed, this calculation enables you to find out how much you can earn from a single bedroom per year when you hire an agent for your short-term rental requirements.

To know the reliability and efficiency of an agent, it is advised to make a 6-month agreement with the agent. If you are satisfied with the performances of the agent in promoting your self-catering apartment and increasing the number of guests, you can enter into a long-term contract with the agent.

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