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Life at Dubai, the ultimate vacation's destination!

There has always been an intense hype regarding Dubai and not wrongly so. It is a blend of various cultures that is what makes this city so vibrant. It is a popular destination because it offers so much, from the fascinating modern architecture, to the desert safari, big malls sporting bigger brand names, to the cultural souks.

Let us start by looking at the great attractions, there’s a myriad of them. Dubai boasts of the biggest, the most gorgeous shopping malls. Wafi is one such example, it has been themed as a souk, and separate areas representing Turkey, Morocco Egypt and Syria, the interiors are intricately done. If you want to take this a step further, then Gold Souk, is a must stop for every female especially. You can even see the world’s largest gold ring, among other things. Souks are bazaars, which Dubai has many. If you get excited by stepping into history, then Dubai with all its authenticity will be presented to you. Here you’ll find spices and fragrances, you can even sample things.

If you are interested in visiting museums, then you should definitely check out the Dubai museum. The displays are arranged artistically and it regales the tales of how Dubai came in to being. The exterior of the building is that of an earthen fort. Dubai is about the merging of various ethnicities; while you are here you might want to take a look at the Jumeirah Mosque. Not only are the exteriors, elegant and pretty, they’re adorned with pink flowers all around. Another thing about Jumeirah which is a posh district in Dubai, you get to see the calming Jumeirah beach. It’s a treat for the travelers and the local people as well.

To enjoy the splendid view of Jumeirah beach you would be tempted to dine at Dubai’s shining star, the Burj Al Arab hotel. It is awe inducing, a perfect work of art. The services, food, resorts are par excellence. Another place, where you can feel the romance is Madinat Jumeirah. Not only you travel through boats, the inside of the buildings are designed like exotic souks, the food is absolutely divine and you can always have a look at the beach, and Burj Al Arab.

One of the heart stoppers for Dubai has to be Atlantis on the Palm, a manmade island. It is a culmination of posh homes and building. Then another great appeal of Dubai is the mall of Emirates. It might be unfair to call it a mall, since this magnanimous structure has indoor skiing, especially for those who come from warmer climates. Dubai Mall is a stunning mall which has a gold souk, toy and candy store, stores about all things fashion, waterfalls and an aquarium. These are handful attractions that are mentioned but when it comes to Dubai, it can make all kinds of vacationers very happy. There’s sun, the beach, the desert, shopping, fashion shows, art galleries, museums and bookstores. The perfect, hassle-free vacation spot has to be Dubai!

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