About United Arab Emirates

An overview of UAE lifestyle

The culture and lifestyle of UAE is a beautiful combination of Islamic and western styles. It is the country where everyone is guaranteed a free way living. This is why people from all around the world keep coming to UAE. People can lead their lives in whatever way they like. It is the place where DJs’ turntables keep spinning all night and the muezzins’ morning call to prayer growls early in the morning. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that UAE has harmonized the opposing forces to exist altogether at one place. Due to this vibrant lifestyle and mixed culture, UAE is a very unique place in the world.

Geography and governmental system of UAE

The United Arab Emirates happens to be located at the crossroads between Asia and Europe. It shares its borders with Saudi Arabia on the west and south, Qatar on the North and Oman on the east. Being surrounded by the Islamic states, UAE is a dreamland for business travelers as well as leisure tourists from four corners of the world. Although UAE’s most land is barren and sandy but the oils reserves, real estate sector and the tourism industry has made it one of the richest and the most developed countries in the world. There is Federal system of government with president and prime Minister in place. This federation of UAE consists on seven emirates or states namely Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain. Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate of UAE. Every Emirate has a separate ruler.

Dubai, one of the most important attractions of UAE

Dubai has become the hottest destination for business and leisure visitors. Dubai city offers a large number of tourist’s spots and resorts, shopping plazas and vibrant lifestyle. This is why every tourist desires to visit Dubai and experience the amazing lifestyle and culture that Dubai has to offer. Furthermore, Dubai is perceived to be the best place for Businessmen from all over the world to make investments and conduct business transactions.

Historical Background of UAE

The Original inhabitants of UAE were seafaring people. In the 7th century, Islam became the most dominant religion of the place. Later on, the Carmathians found sheikhdom with a strong army. With the disintegration of sheikhdom of the Carmathians, the people became pirates and the country was distributed into nine Trucial states. Those pirates continued to be a serious threat for the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman early in the 19th century. Eventually, the role of British came into play in 1820. British provided nine Trucial states with protection only and did not establish the colony. British remained in the region for more then a century and withdrew in 1971. After the withdrawal of British, the seven Trucial states were converted the federation called the United Arab Emirates was formed. Bahrain and Oman did not choose to be a part of UAE. This is how UAE was established. Today, Sheikh Muhammad ibn Rashid al-Maktoum is the ruler of UAE.

The economy of UAE

The economy of United Arab Emirates is rich and urbanized. In 2008, the GDP was reported to be $270 billion and ranked as 38th in the world. Gone are the times when UAE economy significantly depended on oil and gas. Today, UAE economy is very diversified. The oil reserves were discovered 30 years ago. Initially, UAE economy depended upon oil and gas reserves. With the passage of time, the country went through intense transformation and the small desert converted into a modern state with world-class structures. Thousands of visitors come to UAE on regular basis. Although the economy was badly affected by the global financial crisis of 2008 but it has managed to come out of the shock. The oil rich emirate Abu Dhabi is playing a vital role in helping UAE economy rebound rapidly. Along with oil, the real estate sector plays highly significant role in the economic growth of UAE. UAE Banking industry also play a small role in the economy of United Arab Emirates. Some of the Top UAE’s Banks are including Dubai Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Citibank UAE, EmiratesNBD and Mashreqbank. The completion of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in 2010 has played a very positive role in reviving the investor’s confidence for UAE economy. Burj khalifa enjoys the privilege to be the world's tallest building.
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