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Dubai Real Estate - Real Estate For Sale in Dubai UAE

Dubai is the most rapidly expanding emirate of UAE. In year 2001, Dubai’s population was one million which has now increased to more than 3 million. The expatriates have contributed the substantial hand to this increased population. With the increase in population, the demand for apartments, villas and other properties has increased. This is why we hear about the launch of new residential and commercial projects in Dubai after every now and then.

Dubai is one of the most ideal places in the world to live and work. Since the large number of people from four corners of the world keep coming to this place, Dubai real estate sector has been growing at an incredibly pace during the last decade. Resultantly, countless new buildings are constructed. Every year brings an overwhelming increase and prosperity in Dubai Real Estate sector. Although a surge was experienced in real sector due to financial recession of 2008 but now it seems to be recovering from the effects of the financial meltdown..

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Dubai Real Estate sector

Being financial hub for the most modern accommodation and lifestyle, the number of immigrants in Dubai is soaring proving this place truly ideal to live and work. Dubai real estate sector offers residential properties as well as commercial properties. The investments opportunities in Dubai real estate sector have been attracting a number of new developers and builders to construct best apartments and villas. There is a good reason why Dubai real estate sector is viewed as one of the best places by investors and agents.

The overwhelming influx of investments from all around the world has made Dubai real Estate sector very huge. Since investment opportunities in Dubai are available in plenty, it become pretty hard to find the most suitable property investment. It takes a number investigations and rigorous analysis to make best property investments in Dubai Real Estate. One thing is for sure that the business of sale and purchase of Dubai properties is very lucrative.

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Factors that determine the price of Dubai residential and commercial prices

Different factors such as vibrant lifestyle, amazing tourists’ destinations, the water delights and financial centers has played a highly significant role in increasing the demand and prices of Dubai properties. The high priced apartments and villas in Dubai offer amazing services and facilities giving the price value.

1. Location

Location is the most important factors that affect the prices of apartments, villas, offices and other properties in Dubai. Depending upon the location, the property prices vary from each other. The properties that are centrally located in areas such as Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina, Deira Dubai and Al Barsha are expensive in comparison with the prices of properties that are located in the outskirts or suburbs of Dubai. Recently, there has been a trend of rising rentals of apartments, villas and offices in Dubai. As a matter of fact, the buying off trend followed and suggested by Dubai real Estate experts has caused the rentals to rise.

2. Resale price

Along with location, yielding capacity of the property is an equally important factor in determining its price. While buying the property, the buyer needs to be fully aware of the reselling price. A property that can be resold at a good price in real quick time is tagged with a higher price.

Online portals for Dubai Real Estate

The online portals for Dubai real estate offer an extensive database of Dubai residential/commercial properties for sale and rent. These online companies have teams of highly qualified professionals who have access to latest information on available Dubai properties. They provide their clients with a very useful local knowledge of the Dubai property market to help them make Dubai property buying decisions effectively.

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