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Featured Listing of Short term Rental Apartments in Dubai:

Chelsea Tower Suites & Apartments : From AED 630 (approximately)
Desert Rose Hotel Apartments : From AED 275 (approximately)
Grand Midwest hotel apartments : From AED 275 (approximately)
Waterfront Hotel Apartments Dubai : From AED 599 (approximately)
Rose Garden Hotel Apartments Barsha : From AED 384 (approximately)
Lotus Grand Hotel Apartments Dubai : From AED 391 (approximately)
Comfort Inn Hotel Apartments : From AED 299 (approximately)
Clover Creek Hotel Apartments : From AED 350 (approximately)

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Short term rentals in Dubai General Information

You can find a lot of online stuff mentioning how wonderful the city of Dubai is! And why do millions of people visit Dubai for both business and leisure purposes? In this piece of writing you will find some stuff about the rental accommodation in Dubai. Speaking of the places where the visitors should stay during their visit of Dubai, there is a long list of selection. Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and Jumeriah Beach are amongst that list. So lets a glance over these hot tourists destinations that provide rental accommodation in Dubai.

Short term rentals in Dubai Dubai Marina:

Dubai Marina offers some great accommodation for visiting people in Dubai. To name a few wonderful apartments, Marina Diamond one, Marina Diamond two and Manchester tower are some of the most ideal ones that provide it guests with comfortable accommodation in Dubai on short term rentals. These serviced apartments are located at the prestigious Dubai Marina features swimming pools, gyms, steam and sauna rooms along with everything a business traveler demands and a holiday visitor desires. The sopping malls and golf courses are easily accessible. The apartments have a peaceful environment with extra space and more privacy with self-catering services such as kitchen. You can find here accommodation in Dubai and simply enjoy the extra space and privacy of your own serviced self catering Dubai apartment.

Short term rentals in Jumeirah Beach and Plam Jumeirah:

Dubai Marina is not the only hot destination that provides short term rental accommodations in Dubai. Besides, there are some other superb locations such as Jumeirah Beach and Plam Jumeirah that include a variety of Hotel rooms and serviced apartments.

Jumeirah beach is an awesome place offering many amazing hotels such as Burj Al Arab hotel, Jumeirah beach hotel and Mina Al salam Hotel. The wonderful Palm Jumeirah is full of spectacular views for the guests and is renowned as the perfect combination of relaxation and leisure. It is a man-made tree-shaped island created with the advanced technology on sea water.

There are various types of accommodations available. Rimal three of Plam Jumeirah is known as the significant holiday apartment. Another hot attraction of Plam Jumeirah in terms of accommodation provider is known as Al Sarood. Acquiring rental accommodation at Al sarood is, without a shadow of doubt, going to be the most ideal option for business and holiday travelers. That’s not all, the beautiful Al Hallawai has got the reputation as the luxurious shoreline accommodation provider of Dubai. The guests can have an easy access to resident's beach club that offers a number of entertainment activities.


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