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Things to Do in Dubai, activities during your Holidays in Dubai

Dubai is a globally recognized hottest tourists’ destination for business as well as leisure visitors from four corners of the world. It is dynamic international business centre as well as well laid-back tourist destination. Once you arrive at Dubai as tourist, a non-stop phenomenon of entertainment and excitement begins. Today, Dubai is one of the most happening places of the world.

Speaking of some hottest locations of Dubai, Plam Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Bur Dubai, Deira Dubai and Al barsha Dubai are some of the most amazing areas where tourists in Dubai get to experience the charm offered by a large number of entertaining in Dubai. It would be very appropriate to say that the wonderful Dubai city has changed the face of international tourism.

The hottest tourist’s attractions of Dubai cater to all the needs of business as well as leisure tourists. The city offers a long selection of things to do for those who love sports, adventures and wildlife.

Things to do in Dubai:

During trip to Dubai, you will come across countless exciting things to do. For those tourists who love shopping, Dubai city offers world’s biggest and best shopping malls designed with breathtaking architectures. Dubai offers an unbelievable nightlife with a large number of bars, clubs and exotic environment. Following are some of the most amazing things that visitors in Dubai must experience:

Wadi Bashing:

Wadi Bashing in Dubai

This is an awesome entertainment activity that Dubai has to offer. You can take a four-wheeler and drive through beautiful desert Wadis to enjoy the exhilarating experience that would make your trip to Dubai truly memorable.

Golf Courses:

Golf Courses in Dubai

If you love golf, Dubai offers a large number of beautiful golf courses equipped with international standard facilities along with panoramic green landscapes.

Water Sports in Dubai:

Water Sports in Dubai

When it comes to water sports, Dubai is not short of them. There are various water sports such as scuba diving in Dubai and water skiing in Dubai. With the help of scuba diving, you can explore the amazing world that exists underneath blue waters of the sea. If you love surfing and fishing, water skiing in Dubai is the best option for you.

Skyline and Bungee Jumping :

This is an amazing adventurous activity where visitors get to hop into a hot air balloon and enjoy the view of Dubai skyline from height. Along with skyline, you can experience the sensational thrill of Bungee jumping where you will find yourself being thrown from skies.

Art Galleries:

If you are an art lover, Dubai offers various art galleries such as Tate gallery, the Louvre in Dubai, the courtyard, XVA gallery and Dubai International Art Centre. These art galleries include fabulous traditional Arabic artifacts.

Galleria Ice Rink:

Galleria Ice Rink Dubai

If you are looking for some great ice skating experience in Dubai, Galleria Ice Rink allows you to enjoy the ice skating in a fantastic environment. It happens to be located at the Galleria shopping complex at the Hyatt Regency.


Dubai Zoo:

Dubai Zoo - Monkeys in Dubai Zoo

Dubai zoo is an ideal tourist’s site for those who love outdoor spots. This zoo includes as many 230 different species of animals. The zoo happens to be located just across from Jumeirah Beach. Hence visitors can access the Zoo easily. This is a must to visit spot as it includes Socotra Cormorants birds, Barbary sheep, Bengal and Siberian tigers, Arabian wolves and many more animals.

Jumeirah Beach Park:

Jumeirah Beach Park Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Park is a fantastic tourists’ spot of Dubai that offers an exotic environment with neat and clean white sand, transparently opaque seawater. This place has the distinction to be one of the hottest beaches of the world.


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