Short-term Rental Apartments in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations not just for tourists but also for investors looking for fresh opportunities. This has fueled a great demand for short-term rentals in the emirate. Short-term apartments are more convenient in many cases than a hotel room and are a lot cheaper. These serviced apartments provide guests with everything they need during their stay, including appliances and Internet broadband connection.

Apart from cost, the main advantage of using a short-term apartment is that you get the feel of being in a home away from home, compared with the impersonality of living in a hotel. Many of the larger residential complexes that offer short-term rentals also provide weekly cleaning and housekeeping services.

There are many places all over Dubai where you can find short-term apartments. The most popular locations include:

Dubai Marina : - This is one of the most popular choices for expatriates, to the point where it already has a reputation as an enclave for foreigners living in Dubai. It is a residential community that is located next to a man-made marina, and thus has ready access to the beaches as well as the sea. The apartments here are mainly located in high-rise blocks with attached villas.

Bar Dubai :- This is considered one of the best choices for travellers on a budget since the accommodations available here are affordable. Many tourists also favor staying here because of the easy proximity to popular destinations such as the Wafi and Burjuman malls.

Palm Jumeirah :- This is a good choice if you are interested in living in the lap of luxury while in Dubai. The Palm Jumeirah is the famed man-made island where world-class luxury hotels such as the Atlantis are found. The island is connected to the rest of Dubai via a tunnel and a bridge, and there is also Monorail access.

Downtown Dubai :- This is the place to be if you want ready access to the most popular tourist destinations or need to be close to centers of business like the World Trade Center. There are also many restaurants and cafes in the area that give you a wide variety of dining options.
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