Hotel Apartments in Dubai

Hotel apartments provide people visiting Dubai the luxury of living in a hotel combined with the flexibility of an apartment. This makes them the ideal choice for young couples or families who want to have more control over their lifestyle while they are in the country, since it allows them to choose what they want to eat and how they prepare it, as well as the times they can come and go from the apartment. If you are travelling as a group, you can share the cost of the rental and make it more affordable for every individual. This is something that you cannot do with a regular hotel room.

Hotel apartments are like hotel suites but they are stand-alone apartments with all the necessary amenities including a kitchenette, appliances such as a TV and Internet broadband connection. Unlike a hotel, however, you are not provided with room service, and you will have to take care of things such as preparing your food and washing your clothes. Since these services are not included, a hotel apartment is much cheaper than a regular hotel.

Another advantage of a hotel apartment is that you can book them online, as if they were a hotel room. When you book in advance, you may be able to enjoy discounted rates. You should also look out for off-season promotions; if you can be flexible about when you are coming to Dubai, you may be able to enjoy great savings by timing your arrival.

One of the most popular locations for hotel apartments is at the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) located at the Dubai Marina. JBR is composed of forty high-rise towers, around five of which are hotel apartments. It is a popular location due to the variety of lifestyle choices that are available in the area. Many of the apartments may also boast of spectacular views of the seaside and the cityscape.

Another great draw is the Dubai Marina Walk, which is a seven-kilometer waterfront path that is lined with retail shops and cafes. A farmer’s market is held on weekends where produce and other goods are sold which are not normally available in the shops.
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