Apartments for Rent in Dubai

One of the most popular options for expatriates moving to Dubai is serviced apartments. These are fully-furnished apartments that allow the tenant to just move in since all the amenities they need are already provided, such as a washer-dryer, appliances like a TV as well as Internet broadband. You can find these apartments in residential complexes or at hotels. They are available on a long-term or short-term basis.

Many expatriates, particularly those with families, actually prefer serviced apartments to living in hotels since it allows them the flexibility to arrange their lifestyle as they choose. For example, the resident can prepare the type of food they want, which can provide great savings in living expenses since eating out is expensive.

Some of the most popular areas to find serviced apartments include:

The Dubai Marina : - The Marina has become known as an enclave for expatriates due to the high number of foreigners it caters to. This is a highly desirable location since it is close to beaches as well as retail and entertainment options. In addition, the high rises where the serviced apartments are located provide a spectacular view of the marina as well as the city skyline.

Al Barsha : - This area provides easy access to the main technology hubs Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City. You can rent hotel apartments here at the Audris Boutique and the Dunes at relatively affordable prices.

Deira : - Located in the heart of the emirate, this is a popular choice among working migrants, not only because of the affordable accommodations, but also the wide variety of food outlets available in the area. In addition, there is easy access to other amenities.

Downtown Dubai : - This area is popular with business travelers and other people who need to be close to the city’s business and financial centers. It is also close to the World Trade Center and the Convention Center.

Although you can find serviced apartments on your own through the Internet, it would be much easier if you use the services of a licensed agent who specializes in serviced apartments. They can easily find you an apartment that meets your budget as well as your requirements, whether you need a long-term or short-term rental, or even need to rent on a daily basis. They can also make reservations for you to ensure that the apartment will be waiting for you once you arrive in Dubai.
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