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Vacations or Business; Dubai is the final Destination one would want to be in; Fast, Fun and Fabulous!

What they say about Dubai is true; it is fast, fun and fabulous. It harbors many ethnicities and colors, this is what makes traveling to Dubai a memorable experience. What it offers ranges from the beautiful dancing fountains to clear blue seas lined with shimmering golden sands. From posh restaurants, therapeutic spas and grand hotels to ethnic souks and modern day malls. You will find indoor zoos and ice cafes, a bit of everything for people of all ages. And the food, it is a foodie’s paradise. If you want to travel to Dubai, then no time is better than now!

One of the biggest, the most exciting attractions of Dubai is shopping. Be it shopping for luxury products from brands like Coach, Guess, Zara to mid-ranged stores like Marks and Spencers and Carrefour or you can choose to haggle at souks and bazaars, especially at Deira where you can find yards of textiles and small imitation jewelry. Dubai can be called the city of malls, famous amongst them are the mall of Emirates, City Centre, Wafi Mall among countless others. In case you want to take a break from the sun, there is a snow park, which is famous for indoor skiing and ice-skating and excellent hot chocolate. For the little ones and avid nature lovers, there is Dubai zoo. Another must-do on your list should be the desert safari. This adrenaline pumping experience is one of its own kind. Imagine, driving on big sand dunes, eating luscious grilled meat in the middle of the desert and enjoying hubble bubble pipe totally makes this an authentic event. There are cinemas and art galleries.

For art enthusiasts, there are a lot of interesting exhibitions to catch up on. Arab artists are now rising from using conventional mediums; calligraphic art has been explored over and over in the past, now they are seeking newer options. What most people are bedazzled by is the gold souk. There are heaps of gold, in coins, bricks, tiaras and crowns, rings and bracelets, in various creative designs. For any female, gold souk is like what a candy store is to a child.

Being in Dubai is fun and frolic all the way. Going through one of the city’s most sought after entertainment places, Al Bustan Rotana, is the best package. Here what you can expect is a range of amusement options, entertainment, 5-star housing and complete recreation. It is situated in the city’s best location, amongst thriving shopping malls and culinary gems as restaurants if you ever choose to get a flavor of Dubai city. Another advantage is that Exhibit halls, World Trade Center and the Airport are all in the vicinity.

Another hotel, that is an all time favorite, overlooks the postcard perfect Burj ul Arab, is Madinat ul Jumeira. This hotel is perfect for a romantic setting. It has its own waterway with a set of boats, which take you to Jumeira beach. The hotel’s interiors are a vivid mixture of Moroccan and Arab, and the greatest attraction is that there is a souk enclosed in the hotel. Across Madinat ul Jumeira is Wild Wadi water park. This park is famous amongst daredevils, beats the heat effectively with splashes of water and twisting, fun, water slides.

Dubai reinvents itself every so often that every time you travel to Dubai you fall in love with something new.

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